522 North 29th Street
Billings, MT 59101

About Us


First C has been around for over 100 years! During that time, the clear commitment of this fellowship has been faithfulness to the truth of Scripture. Our pastor preaches the Bible as God's inspired word, and we look to the Word as the source of guidance for daily living.

Core Values:

A community of radical disciples. We believe that Jesus was serious about what he taught.  We also believe that a lifestyle of worship, humility, and service is a radical calling in comparison to the self-serving culture we live in today (John 14:17).

A beloved community. We make a concerted effort to love one another as the Body of Christ.  We believe Jesus when he told his disciples that the world would know God by the way they loved each other (John  13:35), and so we seek to glorify God through our relationships to one another.  To this end, you will find that we work hard to incorporate our members in every aspect of our church’s life, and strongly encourage meaningful fellowship outside the walls of our building as well.

Kingdom Builders.  We are passionate about the Great Commission- to go and make disciples (Matthew 28: 16-20.  We endeavor to be used by God as disciple-makers, not by coercion nor by providing a lot of “bells and whistles,” but instead by modelling the profound joy and fulfillment that we find in our relationship with Jesus Christ.